I Love dogs. probably because I grew up around dogs. I can’t quite put into words. I only know I like my four legged friends.

one of the ‘silent’ conditions I presented to aaron when he got a job in seattle, was that I was going to get a dog.  In denver we always lived in small spaces and it just never seemed 100% right (to aaron); but in seattle, there would be 0% wrongdoing in my opinion: we had a house, a yard and I wouldn’t have a job for the first three months–that, I didn’t know. everything pointed that I could ‘train’ the beast.  his name: Enzo.


..though without lacking a few headaches and chewed something, enzo was my very faithful companion.

aaron had to travel quite often and knowing hardly anyone in town, my welcome to rainy seattle was somehow made bright with enzo.

Leaving him was has more difficult than I had anticipated. enzo is now being chased by my awesome three year-old nephew and having the time of his life in MD.

but I still miss him. I always will.