When things don’t work the way you’ve planned them, it is sad.






I seriously, don’t bake that often but, I had some zucchini that was going bad so I made some bread with it. To store my electric mixer cable without it all getting tangled up, I use a thick blue rubber band–which I probably got from a bundle of broccoli I bought sometime in the last 4 and a half years, the time I’ve been married (the electric mixer was a wedding gift).


Anyways, when I was cleaning up the big mess I’d made and was trying to hurry up like someone was chasing me, I realized that I was missing the blue rubber band. I looked around on every crevice, drawer, cabinet, compose trash and real trash–nothing.


I guess now, I could start to understand how surgeons must feel when they miss a pair of scissors or gauze after surgery. I haven’t dug up the zucchini bread yet but most likely it will come with a surprise.. like a birthday party favor, except this is an old rubber band.






Why this mini story? because our lives are so filled with ‘them’–rubber bands or things that go different.


I call my mom I hear one of ‘them’; I call my sister, I hear one of ‘them’ too; I talk to the ladies I work with: survivors of domestic violence, and I hear a million of ‘them’; If I called you, I probably would hear one or two; I don’t lack some myself.






I don’t think is good to dwell on the fact that things didn’t turn out as expected, but it doesn’t take away that– in that moment–it was sad.