Last night we had a pseudo-india-goodbye party.  Until we have that sticker in our passports that says we can enter India legally, aaron and I have no idea when we’ll be departing. Regardless, we decided to throw a party so our seattle friends can wish us goodbye (even though they might see us for another three months, ha!)

It was wonderful, we were like a big happy family. I will miss my seattleites.

As it has now become somewhat of a tradition, aaron got some firewood and he lit a fire in the backyard. some friends roasted mini marshmallows but most drank beer. as the night went on aaron kept repeating more and more passionately: ‘guys..there is just nothing like being by the fire’;’…nothing like watching the fire’; ‘…nothing like having a bonfire’–can’t remember the exact words he used but it was probably all of the above. I love aaron. and I love bonfires too.