“we left our house but not our home” were the words Aaron used when he embraced me as we sat on the guest bed on our first day in Calcutta. The air from the ceiling fan dried the the sweat on my forehead, I felt exhausted, but with Aaron by my side, I felt at home.


102F temperature and close to 20 billion people in a beautiful burst of color, ingenuity and utter rawness, we cannot help but feel completely overwhelmed, and yet have a sense of fulfillment.

The Hope Foundation has welcomed us with open arms, we have an awesome Irish dude, Enda, who is helping us get to know the city. We have already had plenty of curry, walked into a temple bare footed, bought a cotton kurti (traditional Indian top), rode on a wooden bus and been stampeded into a sardine-can like metro. While walking on the chaotic streets with swarms of people we’ve dodged: buses, auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, Ambassador taxis, trolleys and stray dogs–not quite my daily commute to West Seattle.

We’ve sat at the foot of the majestic Queen Victoria Memorial and seen a sunset with the largest-fiery-orange sun coming down on a hazy afternoon I have ever seen. I really can’t complain.