SPLASH is currently operating its water filtration systems in Nepal, South East Asia, Ethiopia and soon coming to India, check it out HERE.

So, that’s why we are in Nepal, that is why Aaron is in Nepal (I am still trying to figure out where I am, as always).

Splash uses Ultrafiltration membranes(the what? imagine a giant licorice Twizzler, you’ve always want to, right? Now imagine that each Twizzler string is hollow and has small Twizzie channels inside for water to flow through. Now imagine there is like a bouquet of Twizzlers and Twizzies all encased in a Bazooka, well sorta, ta-dah!)And it doesn’t stop there.. I clearly did my homework, this water cleaning machine additionally comes with a UV light, PVC pipes, close and open tabs, incredible, electric boxes and there aren’t any numbers anyone it’s gotta punch every 108 minutes (‘LOST’ flashback), phew!  Really dirty water goes in from one side looking like watered down iced tea and comes out the other end Clean with a ‘C’.


This life giving work is done in urban schools and children rescue homes and more. Splash provides drinking and washing stations for the children and they LOVE it. Recess is no snack time, it’s WATER frenzy! I even got pushed over by kids who wanted to get to the tap first, they wanted clean water that bad.

By the help of you and wonderful donors who believe that ‘Every Child has a Right to Clean Water’–I didn’t make this up–children will get to reach their full potential.

Can I hear an Amen?

Kathmandu is a very interesting city with narrow windy streets, many temples and loads of dust. From the oldest person to the tiniest baby, I think they are all cute. If there was an actual land of the ‘Whos’ (Dr. Seuss) it would probably somewhere in Nepal. People are mostly kind and hospitable and they eat Momos.

*I took this photographs with the schools’ permission and are not meant to be reproduced. I know you will not used them, but just in case. Thanks!