Evidently I was not only doing my water homework in Nepal but I also was doing quite a bit of that.. tourism thing too. As much as I’d like to think of myself as someone who would be sensitive to [other]humans in need around me at all times–clearly I have very high standarts too– I am finding that I like to play tourist sometimes. oh heck no I didn’t say that?! Oh yes I did. I like the boutique little restaurant and also the clean sheets in a hotel and don’t mind paying for a taxi. And I would love to go to Paris or Barcelona and sit on that cafe.. Although I would hope to never go as far as sitting on that tour bus. Ever.

Therefore, I did do a bit of T on the streets of Kathmandu and it was delightful and best of all, insightful.

This old man was, well of course very interesting

The faces of yesterday, today and tomorrow and some guy in the back
Happy little friend
I should have indulged with one of these

Marigolds are probably one of my least favorite flowers, but I here in the East, they somehow manage to look better


For all I know he is probably texting