It occurred to me that I have not shown you (lovely ones that by intention or accident look, read or skim through this blog, and while I am at it– if I have not said get ready because I will now– I feel completely weirded out, yet extremely honored that someone other than I might be reading this. It seems I have *moved on* from the heart-shaped lock and tiny-key to keep my life archived and have momentarily switched to more modern ways of communication. Sooo, thank you for passing through!).

So in what was I.. ah yes, I have not shown you beautiful people parts of my living space or what is left of it after all the cropping into the smallest squares(cuadros). I like the mystery.

So maybe I got a little crazeh with the cropping but sometimes you have to put palmtrees next to a green-tiled bathroom, or not?

I bought this fun felt color-ball-strand in Kathmandu. Someone introduced felt-making in Nepal and now they sell tons of different designs, very nice.


I have this little tree on top of the fridge. I am not very good with plants yet so I hope he survives me.

I took the left photo from our bathroom window a couple of months ago. A Calcutta style sunset.

God is good to me. I got in my mind that I wanted to have an authentic cane chair– weaved cane that is, and I found it and we bought it and it was great until Aaron sat too hard on it like it was a couch or something and the chair broke (well, that is my side of the story). So we had an artisan come and fix it, and he weaved the whole bottom part of the loveseat for $40 and that has been the best part of having a cane chair (not the payment, although cheap for having worked all day on it, bless his heart) but seeing this man patiently cut each strand of cane and weave it with such precision and care, it was priceless.


My grandma told to read ‘A Passage to India’ so I’ve just started to read it.

The top picture is a close up of our bedroom curtains. The sun shines right on our window in the mornings and we have no window shutters. So instead of waking up early, I thought why not hang a beautiful Saris(traditional Indian lady’s dress) as curtains, right? So I bought some Sari material that I liked and voila!Just like froilan Maria in the ‘Sound of Music’ just the other way around. It doesn’t totally do the job because the material is some sort of see-through silk (dah) but it is pretty and it’ll have to do for now.


We wash our clothes and hang them inside the house with a floor- fan to dry them. And although it is quite warm next to this window it is so humid that without air flow clothes would not fully dry and there would be very stinky Aura about us.


We are renting quite a bit of our furniture because it is cheaper but most importantly it is practical since we aren’t sure how long we’ll be in India. But I want to take this kitchen piece home with me. It is called the ‘Meat Safe’ cabinet– from when they used to keep meat safe from creepy crawlies I guess– I am so clever. Now is our ‘Nutella Safe’ cabinet. It has metal mesh on the front and on the sides. I feel like I am in the 1800s until I put our electric kettle on top of it, aye.