We are half way through the Monsoon and so far I can’t say it has been the extreme soggy experience I was anticipating. Monsoon is a big word you know. There is a lot of rain, sky-made rivers. Beautiful and dreadful all at the same time. But I think I could do without the knee-high or even ankle-high “raw and organic pedicure” –mud alright, but not exactly from the Dead Sea.

Good thing is not all about me.

For most farmers, on the other hand, it has been a most difficult time of the year and I wish the weather could be relied upon for them and their families. It just has not rained enough this time around.

No rain, no food, that’s how it goes.

We need sun and we need rain.

And when it rains this is what happens…

These guys wanted me to hire a horse but I told them to pose for the photo instead. I am so nice.

Children here love to play soccer in or right after it has rained; it is an incredible display of mud, grass, sweat, laughter and best of all, fun.


Showing off

Aaron hiding

Made in Kokata