In Bangkok it is no biggie to have have six malls in a 2 mile radius out of which at least two have twin Cartier and Louis Vuitton stores- enough to put me in a permanent state of shock and awe, or awe and shock… I still can’t quite process it.

Is it really only two hour flight away from Calutta?

But that was not the reason for this trip exactly, or any trip in our lifetime for that matter. Oh but we did walk the malls, oh yes, and I did buy me a sweet pair of…

CROCS, eeeeww.

Well, fyi Crocs have ‘up’ their crocstyle to something that could actually resemble a shoe. The monsoon in Calcutta yells the word Crocs so bad I could not pass the chance.

So the beach. But we didn’t go to, like dad said over the phone: “You are going to ‘The Beach’?” No, not that one, dad.

Since we only had a few days we went to an island about three hours from Bangkok, and a 30min boat ride. A mini paradise. We had Tom Yum soup and fish soup on a ragged wooded pier and awww, is there really anything better!

Aaron turned 36 while at the beach.

We built a sandcastle.

We jumped from a pier.

We may have kissed.

We were happy

We didn’t deserve this

But God is full of Grace