We live near an area of town that has a street market.


And 90% of Calcuttans say the same thing of their neighborhoods, who knew!

As people get ready for the October festivities there are times when being on the streets is a mixture between being in a bootcamp and a permanent street fair.

It is tradition to buy gifts and a new outfit for the holidays so people are like little ants going in and out of stores, bargaining their little hearts out, and eating lots and lots of street food and there is a great deal of honking (but here that is endemic and incurable) and buzz and movement of every kind. Most people actually look happy, while I look like I’ve been run over by a truck. Twice.

The other day I saw in the newspaper that one of the markets near my home was described as: “Calcutta’s Newest Free Sauna.”  All that to say it shouldn’t surprise me that now I have a gnarly head-cold I probably caught outside my home’s front step.

But then, all these experiences makes life extremely tangible. And I think this is good for me.

And now I am cozy at home writing this post and feel better already.

And just because, I also wanted to share some random photos I have taken in the past weeks of things I saw and people I met.


  An Ambassador car

A Pandal (temporary temple for Durga) in the making

A wall

A bike

A feisty boy who needed a friend
A beautiful girl that can tell you a heart-wrenching story    
                                                              A puzzle

A sunset

      And I do miss Fall