So the holidays have come and gone, and new year starts before I can take wrap up the old one, or so it seems.

For me it all moves way too fast. always. that’s why I start listening to Sufjan Stevens and Nat King Cole right about August, with headphones, of course. Aaron is not very particular about things but, on this one, he couldn’t be more clear.

Eh. I’ll enjoy it alone. then.

We swooshed into the States and it felt like an other world, people sipping their hot cocoas, furry hats, candy cane and wrapping paper. Americans seem particularly inclined to overindulge.

Did I say I got my citizenship last year? I think I did get it.

My nephew and I made a gingerbread house, well, it was actually called a ‘village’-a clear example how minimalist we can be in the US- No wonder my little builder after having had enough tries at the icing to see if it was really edible, started dumping handfuls of dried coconut repeating: “snow on the house, snow on the house, snow on the house, snow, snow, snow!!!”  WOW. hold on. Then he wanted to eat the roof and the fence.

Ah the joys of childhood. I gained like 3 Lbs just looking at gingerbread houses.

I hugged my mother, father, sister, brother, sister-in-law, nephew and the dogs. very tight.

In our whirlwind trip we also went to LA

The sweetest tangerines and equally sweet grandparents.

I looked at all the old family photos and heard all the stories along with them, and I mean all.


As a child grandma lived in a farm near Jackson, Mississippi. There were three orphans that came to live at her fathers cotton farm, Lizzy and her two brothers. Grandma’s dad took care of them as if they were his own.  Grandma said sometimes Lizzy would tell her ghost stories while they laid on a thick feather bed. Grandma really liked Lizzy to tell stories.

We spent Christmas day with lots of family and two perfect twins Evey & Isaac.

Then, Aaron and I went the beach and breathed in all the goodness of 2012.