Sometimes in India you feel the “Dorothy, fasten your seatbelt ’cause Kansas is going bye bye.” Other times it is the mouth wide open in overwhelming awe to the magnificence and uniqueness around you. It is sort of like you are on a big wheel, you may feel underwater as much as on top of the world. Or at least that’s how I felt last week.

My sister and Horacio came to India and we were Jumanji -swallowed as if trying to catch up with the two decades my sister-in-law said she had waited to come here.

Walking on a moving train, stepping onto magnificent white marble, sipping from the same water bottle, getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, grinning as we sat on the top of a wobbly elephant, being hassled by, quite frankly, the most avid and vicious salesmen in the whole world; pomegranate scrub, having the warm air touch your face riding a WWII jeep in Rajasthan.

Feeding a stranger, holding the hand of a sick stranger.

I just have to grab my brightest greenest neon highlighter and go over those moments until I make a hole on the page.

Richness of the heart, ain’t no money can buy that.

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