I like to group things that sort of ‘feel’ the same way (my sister would  probably  call it Oh.Cee.Dee) I think we all do grouping to a certain degree so we can: create, build a memory, formulate meaning or somethin’– PSY 101 baby!  Unearthing some deep thoughts here…

These are some  cell phone shots that I have grouped from the last couple of weeks.

Note: Some real photographers are not too keen on these new instragramic/ photo-face-lift apps, and you might not care what I think, BUT IIIII, to a very basic level  find it phenomenal that people who never took photos before are capturing images and able to express themselves though them, right? Isn’t that the whole point…?  You are not gonna become Steve Mc Curry with your cell phone, but you are going to record some special moments and probably become  pretty good at it. Sometimes is sheer luck, the photo of the church for instance I didn’t even looks at the camera, I just grabbed my phone and clicked. I couldn’t have taken this photo with my real camera because you were not supposed to even take pictures in this church; now I have a pretty memory of that day that I can keep in my computer or blog in this case.  I think the aspect of ‘luck’ rather than technical talent is what bugs photographers. If we start grading photographs then of course, manual photographs and Instagrams are a worlds apart. Otherwise, they are both beautiful art.  Any thoughts?

IMG_0606 Easter Sunday

IMG_0623Brilliant Myanmar artist Zaw Win Pe. I had the pleasure of seeing his art through the Calcutta Art Club  find out more  here
IMG_0632 Aaron has been so busy with work lately yet he still finds time to pick some flowers from a bush in front of our apartment building, he is a sweetheart. We also just celebrated our 6th year of marriage this week!

photo (15)

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