I might have rusted out that part of my brain that blogs. Really. Following a few months of complete-uncreative-hibernation, I have just now started to come out of my cave to eat my wild berries. I even have a couple of other blog post ideas already lined up (wow, take it easy) but I say start with Vietnam and make my way back.

South East Asia, always a dee-light.

Having Pho soup was almost a staple for Aaron and I in rainy Seattle, and quite honestly, they do do it justice in the States, it must be because there are actual Vietnamese people behind the big pot of soup. Surprisingly, I was more drawn to baguettes, Lord bless them. I haven’t had a decent piece of bread since I can’t remember when, no offense to my lovely Indians- who do make a-mazing rotis- but gorgeous crispy, fresh bread, I wish I had a photo but I always ate my bread too fast to get a chance to photograph anything.

We flew into Ho Chi Minh City, previously know as Saigon during French colony– a name which is seen written on plenty of shops and hotels, I would say people still embrace the name even after it was changed. It can’t get any more classic sounding than ‘Sah-i-gon’ can it?

Vietnamese people seemed extremely welcoming, polite and plain goofballs.  In the train ride to the beach Aaron and I changed our seats to ones with a better view; it took like half and hour for the poor fellow we’d taken the seat from to ask if “perhaps we could have possibly sat in the wrong seat??’ I almost got teary eyed. YES WE TOOK your seat, we are bad, BAD.

When Vietnamese want to sell you fruit or something at the beach they give you a huge smile and wave their hands at you like they’d known you for a long time. At first I waved back but then I realized it might give the wrong message- hence buy all the fruit they are selling. On one rainy day a cute old man wearing a nón lá (coned shaped leaf hat) did like a little chicken-dance, he didn’t want to sell anything he was just happy. The simplicity of a smile can really go a long ways.

viet 1 bwIMG_9458We found a street with antique shops
viet2Aaron having a Don Draper moment (Mad Men) with pair of Vietnam War relics for only $400 USD, AND that is why we only looked at antiques and sadly didn’t get any.


The mandatory and delicious Pho
IMG_1534A view from our hotel window on a rainy morning
IMG_1553Sporting a nón lá and a tired smile


Selfie as we returned to our assigned train seats. Geez.