Fam·i·ly  (noun) [fam-uh-lee, fam-lee]: a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children (probably the most complete definition you’ve ever heard. no not really). Most of us were born into a family, therefore ‘la familia’ could be the most conventional, recognizable, normal concept and hence reality, yet not all of us so marshmallowy fall into it ourselves. Oh no, some of us resisted the idea for years like being cautious of taking the wrong exit on the highway or like a visceral reaction you probably get when someone offers you heavy cream and you are lactose intolerant. Yet then it happens, that you give into it or are led into it, or it miraculously just IS. I have plenty of friends though, for whom having a family of their own has not come easy*as in desperately difficult, or not come at all*a tragedy even when is the very thing they’ve been yearning to have their whole lives– it is one of the biggest question marks I have for God.

Now that Aaron and I are in our family-wagon, it is awesome and scary and the future is unquestionably very unknown but I think even in my immediate neighborhood of India, where there is 1 billion people to show for because someone did have a family and most importantly seeing the fulfillment in people that are dear to me and I love, like brother and his family and my sister-in-law and hers. I can be reassured that things are gonna be just fine.

My brothers’ & Aaron’s sister’s family and their little people

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