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The Two Month Hop

Posted on January 18, 2014

This is my unloading of two months worth compilation of cell phone camera shots from my resent visit home.
IMG_1945IMG_1944It started to look a lot like Christmas and feel a lot like a long wish list. Not ideal.
IMG_1943 IMG_1942My brother Nico did most of the construction of this lovely restaurant in DC. Love the art deco ceilings!
IMG_1948At the National Art Gallery in DCIMG_1929 IMG_1927 Clyfford Still paintingsIMG_1930 IMG_1931Mr. GoghIMG_1923IMG_1924IMG_1925Edgar Degas and his never boring ballerinasIMG_1926IMG_1921

At the Hirshhorn Museum DC
IMG_1786There she is
IMG_1762My sisters’ cozy shire and her little monster, Lili. Fran is crazy about puzzles (sudden obsession) she has even bought a table just to give into her guilty pleasure. Every day she’d make me sit and do my ‘puzzle duty.’ I did put together some peaches from her Flower & Fruits still life jigsaw puzzle. I can be a good sister when I want to ūüôāphoto (18)
California was our last stop before heading back to Calcutta. We had our share of delicious Mexican cuisine.IMG_2112I present you Luxe. Even though she suffered from quite a severe case of ‘kisslicking’ she sure made us feel loved and welcomed.IMG_2110 IMG_2094 IMG_2048 IMG_2041


Posted on April 16, 2013

I like to group things that sort of ‘feel’ the same way (my sister would ¬†probably ¬†call it Oh.Cee.Dee) I think we all do grouping to a¬†certain¬†degree so we can: create, build a memory, formulate meaning or somethin’–¬†PSY 101 baby! ¬†Unearthing some deep thoughts here… These are some ¬†cell phone shots that I have grouped from the last couple of weeks. Note: Some real photographers are not too keen on these new instragramic/ photo-face-lift apps, and you might not care what I think, BUT IIIII, to a very basic level ¬†find it phenomenal that people who never took photos before are capturing images and able to express themselves though them, right? Isn’t that the whole point…? ¬†You are not gonna become Steve Mc Curry…


Posted on April 1, 2013

I hope I am not alone in thinking that children’s books are magic; that in nights of insomnia most of us would in fact, still turn the pages our our most cherished childhood picture book if we had it handy (clearly I don’t have kids, those who do¬†¬†probably read their favorite childhood book, twice). Yet we are so addicted to our phones, books have become so completely secondary, so maybe we wouldn’t… Anyways, I have been researching lots of children’s books lately because… I have always wanted to *and maaaybe because I don’t have an official job so I pretty much get to do what I have always wanted to do by divine default —an oxymoron, and just about the only way I…


Posted on February 22, 2013

I have a list folded really small in the back of my mind closet, hidden away; there I write down the things that make me afraid. Wearing a sari was on that list. The idea of being wrapped in yards of cloth made me immediately claustrophobic. Yet the fact that millions of women wear it is marvelous and a triumphРI came with this hyperbolic answer after I wore one myself this week. A lovely antique Daccai Jamdani sari, which is traditional of West Bengal and which I also borrowed from my friend. My waking faintly hinted to The March of the Penguins and going to the Loo was like a performance of modern dance, but I made it. A late-twenties Prom. I rocked it! If I may say so myself.

The wearing of the sari is almost like a religion, with its rules and regulations yet as all religions, it has a fair amount of leeway that makes it that much more complicated if you are a newbie. What color to wear for what occasion and what material, and way of draping it over you, so many details that for generations have made Indian women look like they are always on Fashion Week, and that goes for all women, rich or poor; in fact I have found the pretties color combinations on women who are definitely not rich and who perhaps are a bit more free in their color choices end up in the cover of my VOGUE magazine. I should be the Calcutta Sari Paparazzi.

So a friend invited me to her friend’s mehndi (henna skin decoration) party as it is traditional before a wedding, which by the way, I was also invited to– because in India the hospitality it is such that you don’t have to know people more like 5 minutes before they invite you to be part of their most important ceremony. Yes, we need to learn a lot from the East.


candleIMG_6739henna handhenna ladiessaris image (12) image (15)

paper on wall

Posted on January 21, 2013

Cheers to self for new-year-blog-facelift. I am so grown-up, I even have a dot com now, gee whiz, who would have thought.   I here by present you also with what is probably the most feminine street art I have encountered. Her name is MISO. The sensibility of her paper cutting, graphite, and vintage-woman makes me want to tear up a bit. Join me in tearing up a bit, wont you please.

PS: I think from now on I will be mixing it up a bit with some stuff other than writing about myself and my life. Phew!

It should be refreshing  and perhaps even invigorating


Image Image Image Image Image



Posted on October 8, 2012

Being in India is like being inside a kaleidoscope. There are colors and shapes and weirdness, and more colors and some¬†light. This city is continually challenging me to stretch my views on faith, humanity and the intermingling of culture and belief. In a couple of weeks Calcuttans will be in the epicenter of a religious festivity called ‘Durga Puja’ and so will we–ayayyay chiquita! Durga has 10 arms. She also looks¬†like… you are imagining her right now. Durga is a big deal here. She is mother¬†(Very Important Word in India)and the ultimate warrior. She is hard core, guys. For this festivity Calcutta is like being in Disney world, but in every other street(I will make a another post so you can visualize what I…