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child machine

Posted on May 29, 2012

For a while there I worked as a child advocate in seattle. I met the dearest children. I dedicate this poem to them                                                                                                 With no disabling fears It walks vulnerable Cries at loud with no guilt For when simplicity and spontaneous meet the child machine says it’s free It can stretch out his own skin laugh long intervals without end Passionate beyond self In a crayon-line world, dreams are its life fuel A resilient being this is The children’s mothers had to…

a cuppa

Posted on May 21, 2012

I had heard about the Indian Coffee House before coming to Calcutta. A place where in the 1940s revolutionaries like Subhas Chandra Bose– a key player in the Indian independence movement, artist, writers, and poets including my personal favorite, Rabindranath Tagore often frequented. Are you kidding me? of course I had to see this place. I had to sit on those now plastic chairs and soak in the history. Even though going up the stairwell is like you are in Mad Max, keep walking.  So, it might not get that much better but there a lot of soul in there. a lot of it. The coffee, 100% pure grains from the branches of the Nescafe bush but again.. not about the coffee or the food. it’s about something meaningful, something…