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Posted on January 28, 2017

A couple days ago Aaron and I watched Lion at the movie theater. Scenes filmed in Calcutta made every memory  of our time in India come flowing down like a river. We squeezed each others hands in the dark, instantly our eyes filled with unspeakable emotions.

Our time in India was a huge soul stretch, a beautiful challenge.

Here are some photographs I dug out from my hard drive.

Much resilience and hope. I love my Indian friends.


The Two Month Hop

Posted on January 18, 2014

This is my unloading of two months worth compilation of cell phone camera shots from my resent visit home.
IMG_1945IMG_1944It started to look a lot like Christmas and feel a lot like a long wish list. Not ideal.
IMG_1943 IMG_1942My brother Nico did most of the construction of this lovely restaurant in DC. Love the art deco ceilings!
IMG_1948At the National Art Gallery in DCIMG_1929 IMG_1927 Clyfford Still paintingsIMG_1930 IMG_1931Mr. GoghIMG_1923IMG_1924IMG_1925Edgar Degas and his never boring ballerinasIMG_1926IMG_1921

At the Hirshhorn Museum DC
IMG_1786There she is
IMG_1762My sisters’ cozy shire and her little monster, Lili. Fran is crazy about puzzles (sudden obsession) she has even bought a table just to give into her guilty pleasure. Every day she’d make me sit and do my ‘puzzle duty.’ I did put together some peaches from her Flower & Fruits still life jigsaw puzzle. I can be a good sister when I want to 🙂photo (18)
California was our last stop before heading back to Calcutta. We had our share of delicious Mexican cuisine.IMG_2112I present you Luxe. Even though she suffered from quite a severe case of ‘kisslicking’ she sure made us feel loved and welcomed.IMG_2110 IMG_2094 IMG_2048 IMG_2041


Posted on October 26, 2013

Reverse oasis. Sand dunes in the middle of the lushest of lush. There are two types of sand dunes in Mui Ne, Vietnam, the red ones and the white ones. This were the ‘red dunes.’  We would have gone to the white ones– which are supposed to cover a larger area, yet our plans were watered down as we caught the afternoon torrential rains. Gladly we’d brought an umbrella so Aaron would hold the umbrella while I very National Geographic-ey took photos of the landscape.  I should’ve tipped my Laurence of Arabia at the end of the venture across the desert– not to mention he had to literally push me up the sandy hills for me to make a ‘smoother’ climb. We also got experience the other amazing thing about being in Vietnam, that is to wear the very fashionable giant trash-bagey-hooded rain coat, 2 for $1 while riding a scooter at speeds of 20 miles per hour (Aaron’s wet rain coat hood kept smacking me on the face as we rode back to our hotel). It was pretty funny though, it was.

Gorgeous Vietnam, you.

I wouldn’t change anything about the dunes adventure spent with my favorite person.

I didn’t spend much time editing these photographs, the colors are just as we saw them (except the B&W of course, don’t worry you are not selectively color blind) and, I am not skilled enough in photoshop to even remove a speck of dust in a couple of the images, darn). Props to Aaron for taking really awesome photos!


IMG_9710 IMG_9776

IMG_9770 IMG_9752 IMG_9750 IMG_9712


IMG_9701 IMG_9704 IMG_9714 IMG_9699 IMG_1648 IMG_1653


Posted on October 20, 2013

I might have rusted out that part of my brain that blogs. Really. Following a few months of complete-uncreative-hibernation, I have just now started to come out of my cave to eat my wild berries. I even have a couple of other blog post ideas already lined up (wow, take it easy) but I say start with Vietnam and make my way back. South East Asia, always a dee-light. Having Pho soup was almost a staple for Aaron and I in rainy Seattle, and quite honestly, they do do it justice in the States, it must be because there are actual Vietnamese people behind the big pot of soup. Surprisingly, I was more drawn to baguettes, Lord bless them. I haven’t had a decent piece…


Posted on April 11, 2013

I, the weather-aware woman.

Seattle taught me a lesson, don’t think about what is on the other side of your glass window; get your raincoat and not your umbrella.

I still thought about rain about once a day.

We’ve  had 104F temp at some points this week.

It is sometimes difficult to function when away from a source of cold air.

It is difficult to admit this is how I feel too…phew

Although we have a car, the papers are being processed, the paper are in a ‘still process‘ as I see it. We ride on taxis as we have for a year now. Your pants get stuck to the old ambassador seats; the driver wets a red towel and wraps it around his head to cool off. It makes me feel like I am in a steam room, and someone keeps pouring water over those hot stones.

I grab onto the taxi’s door which hides the rolled down windows and wave my hand onto the warm Calcutta air. I think is cooling me down, but then maybe is not.

I have found myself a tad edgey, wrawwwwr

My mind wonders away to anywhere cool and spacious. An escape.

So dramatic of me to say.  It’s alright.

These are some photos from our trip to Delhi. Delhi is not my favorite city in India, but they do have some kickass gardens!

The Mughals sure knew how to stay cool in those hot summer days

IMG_6872 IMG_6887 IMG_6889 IMG_6899 IMG_6904 IMG_6905 IMG_6910 IMG_6929 IMG_6930 IMG_7001 IMG_6868 IMG_7013 IMG_7020 IMG_6869