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Posted on May 23, 2014

Throughout my pregnancy and at incrementing levels I dwelled mostly on: a) trying to block the very thought of giving birth altogether b) mind-note-taking, nodding and/or cringing at friend’s birth experiences c) watching wide-eyed like, a million births from the show “The Midwives”–dread and tears of joy got me every time, high five to all the midwives out there! At 35 weeks, Aaron and I were told that my ‘fluid’ was low– ‘visceral’ is the word that comes to mind for all things pregnancy, there are: bags, membranes, cords, sacks, pockets all slimy and warm, homey and life sustaining. It turns out that my amniotic, ‘The main fluid’ yah, was lacking. So, am I leaking it or how does one lose it?? Holding my breath and tightening my thigh…


Posted on January 13, 2014

We’d kept the topic of reproduction and childbearing on the back burner until we must’ve clearly moved it out of the back and into the very core of our lives. In about three more months we’ll have a person, in a mini body, that will probably resemble one of us in a deja-vuish sort of way. We are ecstatic, freaked out (a tad) and feel undeservingly privileged, we can hardly believe it– we are having a baby girl!

Props to our friend Paul Lee who usually shoots incredible architectural photography but because he is such a good chap he spent an afternoon with Aaron and I while we tried to look relaxed and not be too cheesey (and I really do touch my belly in real life as I do in this pictures), we couldn’t help ourselves as we progressively sank into a curious sheltering-paternal-mode. Oh dear.

bump1bump2bump4 bump6 bump9bump3IMG_3511 IMG_3522 IMG_3530