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Sister Notes

Posted on November 27, 2012

My sister said: “I am coming to India” She would bring cheese and chocolate coins in her suitcase Our big plans: talk Bollywood in Mumbai swim in Goa have Thanksgiving in Calcutta and eat obscene amounts of nan bread And never forget any of this. Ever. My sister’s happy-go-lucky approach to a lot of things- like waking up at 5AM to visit a fish market (so fishy we had to wash off fish scales of our arms and legs), or wearing Converse with multicolor shoelaces, or attempting to film Mumford and Sons’ ‘The Cave’ videoclip while riding scooters- the very thought of her makes my eyes droopy and my face warm and round(er) I love her, oh so much FIN

Thai soup

Posted on September 26, 2012

In Bangkok it is no biggie to have have six malls in a 2 mile radius out of which at least two have twin Cartier and Louis Vuitton stores- enough to put me in a permanent state of shock and awe, or awe and shock… I still can’t quite process it. Is it really only two hour flight away from Calutta? But that was not the reason for this trip exactly, or any trip in our lifetime for that matter. Oh but we did walk the malls, oh yes, and I did buy me a sweet pair of… CROCS, eeeeww. Well, fyi Crocs have ‘up’ their crocstyle to something that could actually resemble a shoe. The monsoon in Calcutta yells the word Crocs so bad I could not…