Reverse oasis. Sand dunes in the middle of the lushest of lush. There are two types of sand dunes in Mui Ne, Vietnam, the red ones and the white ones. This were the ‘red dunes.’  We would have gone to the white ones– which are supposed to cover a larger area, yet our plans were watered down as we caught the afternoon torrential rains. Gladly we’d brought an umbrella so Aaron would hold the umbrella while I very National Geographic-ey took photos of the landscape.  I should’ve tipped my Laurence of Arabia at the end of the venture across the desert– not to mention he had to literally push me up the sandy hills for me to make a ‘smoother’ climb. We also got experience the other amazing thing about being in Vietnam, that is to wear the very fashionable giant trash-bagey-hooded rain coat, 2 for $1 while riding a scooter at speeds of 20 miles per hour (Aaron’s wet rain coat hood kept smacking me on the face as we rode back to our hotel). It was pretty funny though, it was.

Gorgeous Vietnam, you.

I wouldn’t change anything about the dunes adventure spent with my favorite person.

I didn’t spend much time editing these photographs, the colors are just as we saw them (except the B&W of course, don’t worry you are not selectively color blind) and, I am not skilled enough in photoshop to even remove a speck of dust in a couple of the images, darn). Props to Aaron for taking really awesome photos!


IMG_9710 IMG_9776

IMG_9770 IMG_9752 IMG_9750 IMG_9712


IMG_9701 IMG_9704 IMG_9714 IMG_9699 IMG_1648 IMG_1653