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Mud and paws go together

Posted on February 27, 2012

I Love dogs. probably because I grew up around dogs. I can’t quite put into words. I only know I like my four legged friends. one of the ‘silent’ conditions I presented to aaron when he got a job in seattle, was that I was going to get a dog.  In denver we always lived in small spaces and it just never seemed 100% right (to aaron); but in seattle, there would be 0% wrongdoing in my opinion: we had a house, a yard and I wouldn’t have a job for the first three months–that, I didn’t know. everything pointed that I could ‘train’ the beast.  his name: Enzo.   ..though without lacking a few headaches and chewed something, enzo was my very faithful…

things we leave behind

Posted on February 24, 2012

… attachment to a thing, what is it about it that makes us so superficially happy, at least for a second. we blanket ourselves with it, we move it around. we like it. period. when aaron and I move to india at the end of march, we will take two bags each. shove all we can on those two bags each. and i say ‘each’ a lot, because the very thought of it is already depriving me from sinking myself in them again, and again. things I have so eagerly accumulated over the past year. gone, at least for a while. and i am not unique that i like to create an space around me that i enjoy. it is a god given (something). nevertheless, this…